Meet Three Female MEST Alumni Transforming how Businesses Operate with AI, Blockchain, and Omnichannel E-Commerce

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4 min readMar 14, 2023


Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and omnichannel platforms are three cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the way businesses around the world operate. While these technologies are still relatively new, trailblazers are already changing the game with their innovative use of these technologies to transform how businesses in Africa can be more efficient and productive.

Here are three female founders and MEST alumni, who are leading the charge in the fields of AI, blockchain, and omnichannel platforms, and are transforming business processes and customer experiences on the continent:

Daniella Darlington
  1. Daniella Darlington: Changing the Marketing Game with AI

Daniella Darlington is a co-founder of Copianto; an AI-backed all-in-one content creation and optimization platform designed for copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies. Her work at Copianto has helped to simplify the content development and creative processes of marketing teams, content developers, and freelancers. This technology is being used by corporates, startups, and advertising agencies in Ghana to improve their brand experience and enhance marketing efforts faster and cheaper than before. But before founding Copianto with her team through the MEST Program, Daniella was pursuing a career in law and now leads the operational aspect of the startup.

Mary Okwong

2. Mary Okwong: Revolutionizing Careers and Industries with Blockchain and Web3

Mary Okwong is a co-founder of Mowblox, a learning platform that is increasing African participation in the Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 space. Mowblox supports individuals and businesses alike to identify new opportunities and create new economies with blockchain and web3 technologies. Mary leads the team of experts at Mowblox to create engaging educational content and events that introduce individuals to endless career opportunities in the space. Businesses are also supported to explore the various ways they can improve business data, transactions, and customer experiences with blockchain and web3.

Mary is a blockchain enthusiast who is passionate about onboarding the next generation of Africans looking to upskill and grow their career in the blockchain and crypto space.

She has gained first-hand experience in the blockchain space by interacting with protocols on several blockchains, her support for crypto public goods, and her contributions to governance activities in decentralized autonomous organizations (DOAs).

Mushrafat Abdulrahman

3. Mushrafat Abdulrahman: Transforming Africa’s Retail Industry with Omnichannel Platforms

Mushrafat Abdulrahman is a co-founder of Kamel; a multi-channel commerce solution that enables entrepreneurs in emerging markets to easily start, manage, and grow their businesses across multiple online and offline channels. Multi-channel or omnichannel e-commerce, refers to the integration of multiple channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, online marketplaces, and social media, into a seamless customer experience. Mushrafat and the Nigerian-based Kamel team are changing what it means to manage a medium to small retail business in Africa by using technology to create seamless and personalized shopping experiences for customers. By integrating multiple channels into one application, Mushrafat and the team at Kamel are enabling retail businesses in Africa to reach customers where they are for increased sales and a personalized shopping experience.

As AI, Blockchain, Web3 and e-commerce continue to grow in importance, more and more African businesses are looking for ways to deploy these technologies to simplify their processes and deliver value to customers. We are proud to see these three women from our Training Program taking the charge and leading the pack to drive these business goals and paving the way for a more advanced and connected future. Join us to celebrate Daniella Darlington, Mary Okwong and Mushrafat Abdulrahman, and all other female founders and females in tech this International Women’s Month!

Over the years, MEST has produced many successful entrepreneurs, and the alumni network continues to grow. Recruitment for the MEST Class of 2024 is ongoing, take a chance on yourself by applying for the program if you desire to build a career in tech and entrepreneurship.



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