Female owned Fintech Converting Client Debt into Capital for Financially Underserved Businesses

“Trade Financing Technology is quite popular in developed markets, but it is yet to be appreciated in developing countries”. — Itumeleng Moagi

Nvoicia team: Ndifreke Anwanakak (1st from the left), Kelvin Tyron (2nd from the left), Itumeleng Moagi (2nd from the right), Samuel Oriaku (1st from the right)
Nvoicia Marketplace. Photo Credit: Itumeleng Moagi
Last year, Nvoicia was nominated as one of the 11 Seedstars Africa winners in South Africa, and just recently emerged as the second runner-up winner in the Ecobank Fintech Challenge.

About Tech By Her

Tech By Her Accelerator program is a three-month industry-agnostic program for ten (10) female founders of early-stage tech companies in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. The program fuels growth among female-led businesses by recognizing and maximizing the unique strengths of the female entrepreneur and equipping them with the needed knowledge, tools, and resources to scale and sustain their businesses in a competitive environment. The program recognizes that the diversified use of tech in the industry has gone a long way in creating a more gender-inclusive and balanced world and seeks to empower women who have ventured into the industry to aim higher and go global.



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