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MEST Class of 2022 Startups

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3 min readMar 15, 2024
Trober and Copianto AI — MEST Class of 2022 Startups

Two years post-launch, the startups from the MEST Class of 2022, including Copianto AI and Trober, are progressing steadily in the tech sector. Today, we delve deeper into the stories of Copianto AI and Trober, whose paths from inception to the present day epitomize the spirit of innovation, resilience, and strategic agility.

Copianto AI: The Big Pivot

Founding Team — Copianto AI

Initially focusing on streamlining content generation and data analysis with AI-driven writing and text generation tools, Copianto AI later transitioned to enhancing enterprise-customer interactions through conversational AI. Their system advances beyond simple keyword matching to grasp the intents behind user queries, enabling more intuitive and effective AI-mediated dialogues.

Key Advances

  • Ease of Use: By adopting a framework that ranges from low-code to no-code, the platform allows users to integrate chatbots without requiring extensive programming knowledge.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: It supports chatbot functionality across a variety of platforms, including web interfaces, messaging applications, and telephonic systems.
  • Analytical Insights: It provides businesses with valuable data on customer interactions, aiding in service improvement and customer engagement.

Strategic Expansion: The Shark Tank Boost

Copianto AI — Shark Tank Malta

Following an investment from Shark Tank Malta, Copianto AI broadened its reach to Malta, aiming to establish a stronghold in Europe’s conversational AI market. This strategic move underscores their dedication to improving AI-enabled customer service interactions.

Trober: Modernizing Group Transportation

Founding Team — Trober

Trober’s original mission was to enhance mass transportation by making bus travel safer, more reliable, and conducive to professional networking. Recently, Trober shifted its focus to addressing broader transportation sector challenges, such as optimizing group trip planning and operational visibility for travel and tour providers.

Group transportation with Trober before the big pivot

Adapting and Pivoting

By transitioning to a holistic platform for managing group mobility, incorporating trip promotion, budget management, payment facilitation, and logistic coordination, Trober seeks to broaden its influence in the digital transformation of mass transit, facilitating numerous trips and enhancing travel experiences for many.

Looking Ahead

The paths of Copianto AI and Trober illustrate the importance of adaptability and innovation within the startup landscape. Both enterprises demonstrate the potential of tech solutions to address tangible problems, improving operational efficiencies and consumer interactions. Their progress offers valuable lessons for upcoming entrepreneurs in the technology domain.

This post was written by MEST’s Communications and Community Manager, Ophesmur Adjei, for MEST.



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